Swiss Pensions and the importance of a Will

Mountain Hub Swiss pensions

Seminar Thursday 14th February – Mountain Hub Verbier

There are many issues impacting expats. Whilst they are regarded as dryer topics and therefore often overlooked, Pensions and Wills are very important considerations.

mountain hub verbier seminarsMountain Hub has teamed up with James Jordan – Wealth Consultant at deVere & Partners Switzerland and Victoria McLagan – Lawyer & Founder at English Wills & Probate Switzerland to provide an informative evening highlighting common issues with Swiss/UK Wills and more specific methods for the maximisation of Swiss Pensions.

We will be welcoming guests from 18:00hrs for a drink with the speakers due to run from 18:30hrs to 19:30hrs with time for questions and networking afterwards.

The presentations will be in English. 

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