KargoBike – Gael Ribordy

The new courier service generation has arrived in Verbier

You might have seen them on the streets in Verbier, Kargobike’s courier services are delivering your shopping or ski rental to your doorstep. A green solution allowing you to stay in town for a little longer without having to worry about your shopping bags. A good reason to leave your car at home.

KargoBike was created in the summer of 2016 based on an original concept by Gael Ribordy, one of our community members at Mountain Hub. In July that year the adventure began with a test in Conthey. By September the company was up and running in the streets of Sion.

The concept is pretty simple. KargoBike provides a home postal and package delivery service by bike. In Sion, the company has replaced two DHL delivery trucks to give a better and faster performance. Cycling enthusiast Gael Ribordy came up with the idea based on an observation: “It is very difficult for a courier business to survive in a small city like Sion.” Therefore he decided to focus on more heavy logistics and large parcels through a quick and environmental friendly service. The public liked and supported the idea, and Gael promptly had to invest in new bikes to meet the demand.


KargoBike in numbers


In Sion, the company is well established and offers deliveries up to 80kg within a day for CHF 30.- (if reserved before midday). There is also an express delivery that delivers parcels within half a day. KargoBike also ensures a professional mail service to businesses.

Kargobike is new to Verbier for a test phase throughout this winter season and is considering to have a year-round delivery service in town. Parcels are being delivered by e-bike between 18h00 and 20h00 on a daily basis. Gael is optimistic about this new adventure and thinks that the the cycling alternative should be presented as a solution to restrict circulation in resorts where traffic gets easily saturated in high-seasons.

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