Five reasons why coworking is right for you

Increased flexibility

Coworking is great for those seeking a more flexible schedule. Whether you decide to work remotely for a few hours, a few days or a few months, coworking spaces offer flexible packages to suit everyone. The traditional office model is changing, with improvements in technology allowing more and more people to work where and when it suits them. These ‘digital’ nomads can be self-employed individuals, small start-up companies or divisions of larger businesses who see the demand for a more flexible work environment. Coworking means no long-term commitments, you can adapt your work schedule to your own requirements, giving you the ultimate freedom.

Work/life balance

Being able to set your own work schedule brings with it the freedom to break up the monotony of the traditional ‘9 to 5’ routine. Our regular coworkers have extended access times to the space allowing them the ultimate freedom in setting their work schedule. Powder day? Why not get up the mountain for a few hours and work a bit later in the day? After all, you will definitely be more productive in the office after getting some fresh mountain air!

More affordable

The costs of long term rentals contracts, especially in sought-after locations are on the rise. By considering the added costs (both financially and in terms of time) of setting up internet, cleaning costs and other facilities such as coffee machines and printing services- it soon adds up! Coworking provides a ‘no strings attached’, more affordable alternative to setting up an office for smaller businesses or individuals. Say good bye to long term leases- with coworking, you can change your plans according to your changing work environment, without fear of committing longer term.

Meet new people

Working from home is a common option for many remote workers or people who are self-employed. However, for some people, this can be too socially isolating, and they lack the interaction and inspiration that comes from being in a shared office environment. Many coworkers also say they enjoy the separation of the home and work environment. Coworking can be great for meeting new people, whether from a business networking point of view or just finding a new skiing or hiking companion! Some great partnerships have been formed through coworking at Mountain Hub- where like-minded professionals can benefit from the expertise, skills and experience of their fellow coworkers. Looking for someone to help you with marketing your new brand? Or someone to help you build a website? Maybe even some legal advice on creating contracts for your new employees? Chances are, the person you need to ask is sitting right beside you.

Great facilities

From high speed fibre optic internet, printing, scanning and laminating services, meeting room facilities and free great quality coffee from our friends at Boreal Geneva, Mountain Hub can guarantee you an optimum work environment. We are located right in the centre of town, within easy reach of the ski lifts and the Place Centrale, where parking and Verbier bus routes are located. If you like the sound of our facilities, but aren’t sure if coworking is for you, keep an eye on our social media channels for our regular ‘open days’ where you can come in and try out our space for free!

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