Community spirit is the key to success

Mountain Hub Community verbier

More than just a group of coworkers, Mountain Hub Community is a vibrant professional network, a group of friends who share common interest and an endless supply of lunch time ski buddies.

Ideal and comfortable workspace

Sandrine Perrodin

Evident through the Mountain Hub ‘Collabs’ program, coworkers and community members share their experience, their skills and build synergies and partnerships to enhance both parties’ success in both the short and long term.

We think that the success of a co-working space like Mountain Hub depends more on the energy and interactions of the people in it. That is why our main goal is to help our members to meet, share and have opportunities to talk business in a trusted professional but relaxed atmosphere. As Sandrine Perrodin, one of our members who escapes her office to enjoy our facilities once a month describes it: « Mountain Hub offers an ideal and comfortable work place in which I can focus and get productive, while having contact with an extremely diverse community with different careers and nationalities. »

Advantages of coworking

Being a member has multiple advantages, including opportunities to participate in various activities, conferences and events organised or supported by Mountain Hub. This includes our monthly community activity, our brand new ‘Inspire Verbier’ conferences or privileged access to our partner events like the Bruson Freeride.

Isabelle Besson

Isabelle Besson, a community member explains: « Why Mountain Hub? I traveled a lot before having my 3 kids, therefore I can keep in touch with people of all ages and walks of life. Sharing my workspace allows me not only to network but to stimulate my skills and creativity thanks to a fertile environment where you can find help and new ideas.»

Mountain Hub Community membership benefits include use of the coworking space, the use of the meeting room at discounted rates and priority on bookings for public events with limited availability.